Thursday, March 21, 2013

125 years!!

Today was a great day that represents just a portion of the heritage that we have here in Riverside.  This morning I was able to attend Highgrove Elementary School’s celebration of their 125th birthday.  Wow!!  That was before I was born, my parents were born, and my grandparents were born.  As we look back at history, changes, and accomplishments of this school it is quite a heritage.
The amazing part was that in addition to those of us that you might typically expect to see there – there were graduates, former teachers, etc.  This was certainly a “Highgrove community” celebration.  Supervisor Tavaglione presented a well-deserved resolution from Riverside County along with a historical perspective and memento from Dr. Chuck Beaty, RUSD Board of Education.  Throughout there was student participation, song, and a good time.

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  1. So very proud of the HEARTS Choir and their beautiful performance at the celebration! Great job to all at Highgrove!